Given our heavy focus on quality and craftsmanship. We focus heavily on a peer review process to aid with personal growth, implementing long term maintainable application architectures & software. However, in our heavy use of pull requests to facilitate our peer review process we ran into the following issues.

  • existing SCM systems lack efficient mechanisms to see pull requests across multiple Git repositories, let alone multiple SCM platforms & accounts
  • existing SCM systems don’t support an open team self selective peer review process to better facilitate cross-polination and accelerated silo elimination within the dev team
  • existing SCM systems have poor or in some cases non-existent mobile experiences making it extremely difficult to review, comment on, or respond to any pull requests when on the go

Pullwalla is a product we have built specifically to address these issues. We currently sell it on the Apple App Store and we provide macOS, iOS, & iPadOS versions of the application.